who is anna?

Curious, global, supportive. Renaissance Woman.

It’s hard to describe yourself, yet you, dear reader, want to know who you’re dealing with. How do you compress decades of life into a few catchy lines? I’ll start with some quiz results:

My Sparktype is the Maven and fascination is my call. I’m driven to learn, sometimes for the pure joy of knowing things. But I’m also an Essentialist, finding deep satisfaction in creating order and simplifying.  

My INFJ-T personality type is the Turbulent Advocate – I gladly give support to uplift others and think well of those I people I value. Being an #IamRemarkable facilitator fits in well with these traits.

A fellow coach called me a Renaissance Woman – a woman with broad intellectual interests and accomplished in many areas. What a compliment!

I put it this way: Learning and connecting are my drivers. I love to support people to let their true voice ring out, to connect people with others and cheer them on.

More traditionally...

From a childhood spent more on stage than playing outside to travelling the world for technical training to running online workshops & attending conferences – it’s always been about voice, projection and finding the key to unlocking curiosity, change, and learning  in my listeners.

As a 3rd generation expat I’ve been supporting international families since 2006. I created Expat Family Flight school, work with global families as a mentor &  trainer, and regularly speak at conferences for international families. The care of global families, especially the children, growing up as Third Culture Kids, is an integral part of who I am. 

I’ve always had a passion and a knack for creating workshops & presentations – the space I get to think about who? why? what? how? when? drawing on experience, resources, tools, creativity, systems, and fresh ideas to create an irresistible workshop or presentation. 

Which brings us here.

When you work with me I help you confidently step in front of your audience, making sure your message is being heard and sparking the transformation you desire.


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