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Professional workshop creation and consulting for global mobility professionals.

All services available in English or German.


You love what you do but aren’t getting through to your audience and effecting the change you want to. 

Together we look at all parts of your workshops, presentations and facilitation materials and make changes that will engage your listeners from the first moment to the last exercise.

Maybe you need small tweaks or maybe you need full-on new engagement exercises. Either way you will emerge with clear messaging and goals, as well as the confidence to facilitate your irresistible workshop.

I also offer opportunities to practise and will give feedback on presentation, voice and online presence.

Available for in-person and online presentations and workshops.


You have a spark, an inspiration, a brilliant fresh idea – but you’re not sure how to build a workshop or presentation that will inspire transformation in your audience.

This is where I sit, gleefully rubbing my hands, giddy to get started creating your irresistible workshop for you.

After our spark-session you leave it with me and I build your complete content.

Once finished and approved, I will train you to facilitate your new irresistible workshop.

Support for Global Families

You want to include more information and support for families in your training but you’re not sure how? Hooray for you! I’m delighted to hear it. 

Support for global families is another passion and I’ve created a comprehensive resource pack for you. 

This includes an information session with me, a slide deck and activities to integrate into your training materials, and a list of resources, links and communities for global families. 

On request I also offer country-specific resources for families and children.

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I am available to present, facilitate or run a workshop for you.

Wether you want to test it out, aren’t available or would like a co-facilitator in the (virtual) room with you, I am happy to assist. 

As with all services, facilitation is available in English or German.


Love your facilitation skills and thinking. You are good at it have a great style and presence.

Ready to Transform Your Training?

I am when you are.

Please contact me for more information on any of these services or another irresistible idea you have. 

Professional workshop creation and consulting for global mobility professionals.

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