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Facilitate intercultural training and global mobility workshops that inspire your listeners.

Know you’re making a difference in their lives.


From the first spark of an idea to the final slide I ponder and think how I can affect participants, how can I help them learn, apply and use the knowledge being shared. What will inspire them to change.

Designing workshops is my state of flow. It’s where I pour my passion and experience into creating.

It’s a space where the methodical engineer and the caring creative stop tugging in different directions and come together to create something that is greater than the sum of the parts: workshops that ignite curiosity and spark transformation.

My Services

You’re an intercultural trainer or coach – you are passionate about culture, life abroad and connecting people around the world – but you feel your message isn’t hitting the mark and you’re struggling to stand out in an increasingly crowded market.

Now imagine you emerge strong. Imagine knowing you are effecting lasting change and helping people live better lives abroad. Imagine you keep getting invited back because participants rave about you.

I support you to build a workshop or facilitation that banishes boredom and brings about transformation. Stop wasting your time and start becoming irresistible.



Together we unwrap your content, look at your goals and make small adjustments or radical changes so your message stands out from the crowd.



Workshop design and creation from the bottom up. You bring the idea, I build your content and train you to deliver it with confidence.


support for global Families

You're an intercultural trainer and would like to include families in your program. Get my state of the art resource pack.

What Makes Me Different?


I make every minute count and refuse to let people languish in boring presentations and pointless workshops.


A lifetime of expat experience and decades of supporting global families on location and virtually.


From the stage to the boardroom - experience and DVCT certified trainer skills & knowledge.

People First

We start with "who". 'nuff said.

start being irresistible

Imagine looking forward to every hour of training.

Imagine hearing your voice ring clear & true.

Imagine knowing you’re transforming lives.

Imagine your message is hitting the mark.

Now stop imagining and let’s start being irresistible.

What Others Say

"As an intercultural trainer, you never stop for further education. Through Anna, I learned a lot about TCKs. She trained me very well on this topic and provided me with helpful insights and well-prepared material to use in my training. She is such a kind and professional person; I can highly recommend her."
“Your workshop was extremely helpful and the exercises really gave me some tools to get me thinking.”
“I just love listening to you and I'm always curious to hear what you have to say and what comparisons you bring in!! Simply well done!”

Ready to Transform Your Training?

I am when you are.

Professional workshop creation and consulting for global mobility professionals.

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